Will More Couples Plan for Divorce During the Pandemic?

Divorce during COVID-19 is an idea that an increasing number of couples are considering. The coronavirus shutdown could affect divorce rates, depending on where you live and the extent of the pandemic isolation in your area.

An article published by the New York Post reported that divorce attorneys are receiving a lot of phone calls from clients. Some clients are finding the close quarters of quarantine intolerable. One woman stated that she realized she had nothing in common with her husband except for their children.

In addition, conflicts between couples have become more prevalent given the extra time families are spending together. With constant reminders of disease and death, some spouses are taking stock of their lives. Have they accomplished their goals? Do they feel unfulfilled? If marriages were crumbling, in many instances, the flaws are now more apparent. In some cases, the flaws are becoming more pronounced. Some spouses want out.

While trapped in their homes, certain couples are planning for divorce. They may even be consulting with a lawyer so they can be ready to file when the pandemic is over.

Is There a Financial Advantage for Divorce During COVID-19?

Sometimes couples stay in marriages for financial reasons. If not for finances, they would have divorced. By the same token, they may also decide to divorce quickly for financial advantages. Before their stocks and businesses have a chance to rebound, filing for divorce could be advantageous from a financial standpoint. The date divorce is filed establishes the value of marital assets.

If you are considering divorce, have questions about the legal process or wonder about the timing, now is a good time to call a divorce lawyer.

Our firm is glad to answer your questions, set up a phone conference call or videoconference and explain how divorce can be worked out during the COVID-19 shutdown. Advanced planning for divorce is typically beneficial and your lawyer can help protect your rights.

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