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“A Not So Little Journey” for Thomas Little

Thomas Little has had quite a journey up to this point in his life, the journey that led to embarking on his career as a lawyer.

Today he owns a private legal practice where he helps families going through divorce, child custody, child support, property division and even the joys of adoption. The writer, Steve Gamel, who featured an article about Thomas in Lantana Living Magazine,captured the highlights of Thomas’ life. Gamel entitled the article “A Not So Little Journey.” As the writer so aptly explained: Thomas listens to his clients’ life stories, and he’s a devoted listener, but not many clients get to hear his story. The magazine article shares some highlights of Thomas’ story.

Exciting moments stood out in his life, such as going to Texas A&M and playing on Aggies’ football team and becoming a commissioned officer in the Army. His military career opened up travel opportunities that spanned the world — Germany, Kosovo and running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain. He scuba dived in the Adriatic Sea, Bali Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. He sought out adventure, and indeed adventure found him.

Making the Shift — Back to His Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

Thomas even tried his hand in consulting for six years, but afterward came full circle, back to his original dream of becoming a lawyer. With his world traveling adventures behind him, he settled down with his wife Kelsi, and they had a son named Vann.

Sadly, while attending law school, Kelsi was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thomas juggled studying with taking his wife for chemo appointments, and he still had not yet passed the bar. However, a short nine months later, she passed on. He was left with the heartbreak and task of raising Vann, who was only two at the time. As a single father, he and Vann moved to Lantana where his mother and sister had been residents for many years. These two wonderful women would offer the support he desperately needed, so he could raise his son and finish law school.

Today he divides his time between doing what he loves — practicing law and raising his son, which includes coaching him in sports and providing for his needs.

Thomas is dedicated to listening to his clients. He enjoys figuring out how to help them overcome their legal challenges.

At this point, you would probably hear him say, “Enough about me. What about you?”

Little & Logue focuses on divorce and family law issues and also helps clients with wills and probate matters.

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