Some Underlying Reasons for January Divorces

January divorce may be on your mind, and if so, you’re not alone. Divorce rates spike in January every year.

Expert opinions as to why January divorce is popular make sense. Even so, you have to wonder how December could be so different from January. For one thing, December is a season for cheer and celebration. It’s a cheerful time, whether celebrating the birth of Christ, the Hanukkah victory and miracle or the fact that Santa is bringing everyone gifts. People strive to preserve the joy of the season. They put on a happy face and get into the holiday spirit. Announcing a divorce in December makes you feel way too much like Scrooge.

January Divorce Fits in with January Changes

However, when January rolls around, it inspires a different mindset. A Fox News article explains that January is about fresh starts. You review events of the previous year and make resolutions for the year ahead. During January, you take stock of mistakes and ponder making changes. You make a list of resolutions to live differently. People embark on new diets, sign up for gym memberships, and try to put bad habits to rest.

If your marriage seems full of irreconcilable differences, you may schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer. After all, the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports a 33 percent increase in divorce filings in January, compared with other months.

Many couples have already decided to divorce before January arrived. They stay together during December for the sake of their kids and simply wait for better timing.

What Timing Would Be Best for Finalizing Your Divorce?

When divorce filing begins in January, there’s a possibility of wrapping it up before the next school year starts in August or September. Fall school is another time of new beginnings for families.

From a financial perspective, January also has advantages. Big Christmas bonuses are behind you. In addition, it makes accounting easier because one fiscal year has ended and another has begun.

Are you thinking about divorce? Little & Logue is glad to answer your questions and address your concerns. We want to help you make your divorce go as smoothly as possible.

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